The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a science fiction comedy radio series written by Douglas Adams, and originally broadcast in the United Kingdom by BBC Radio 4 in 1978. The first four episodes of this series were later adapted by Adams into his best-selling novel of the same title. The plot follows the adventures of hapless Englishman Arthur Dent and his friend Ford Prefect, an alien who writes for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a pan-galactic encyclopedia and travel guide. 

Director Jerry McMahon and Technical Producer Daniel Tang are honoring every zany detail of the original radio script in The Cannon Theatre’s radio show production of the first four episodes this March. 

What’s more, this audio show will be illustrated by an exhibit of original art by various talented artists from the local area and beyond. These original pieces of art will be auctioned on The Cannon Theatre’s facebook page after the show concludes. Bidders will have the opportunity to own this one-of-a-kind art and to support both the individual artists and the theater.

There will be an opening night watch party Friday March 5, at 7:30 PM EST. The show can then be accessed by ticket holders at any time from March 5 to March 14.


Victoria Bourque (of Littleton, MA) as: Lady Cynthia Fitzmelton, Trillian

Matt Cederholm (of Manassas, VA) as: Arthur Dent

Matt Foster (of Westford, MA) as: Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz, Magrathean warning voice, Bang Bang

Russ Gannon (of Hudson, MA) as: The Narrator/Voice of the Book

Meredith Jones (of Bolton, MA) as: Eddie the Computer, Radio Host, Programmer Two

Steve Kalter (of Groton, MA) as: Marvin the Paranoid Android, Shooty

Tony LaRocca (of Queens, NY) as: Deep Thought

Michael McAfee (of Millis, MA) as: The Barman, Slartibartfast

Ben Morse (of Natick, MA) as: Ford Prefect, Vroomfondel

Sally Reid (of Concord, MA) as: Vogon Guard, The Whale, Majikthise, Benjy Mouse

Nancy Rodriguez (of Sudbury, MA) as: The Cheerleader, Frankie Mouse    

Jeff Schachter (of Littleton, MA) as: Prosser, Zaphod Beeblebrox, Programmer One



Scott Boilard (of Worcester, MA)

Eric Boireau (of Cambridge, MA)

Shawn Cannon (of Fitchburg, MA)

Jamie Cook (of Kingston, NH)

Glenn Donatiello (of Dunellen, NJ)

Kyle Hutton (of Arcadia, CA)

Steve Kalter (of Groton, MA

Joe Kandra (of Westford, MA)

Caroline Kurman (of Waltham, MA)

Tony LaRocca (of Queen’s, NY)

Paul Maher (of Stow, MA)

Elena Nazzaro (of Westfield, NJ)

K. Pease (of Shoreline, WA)

Siena Ruark (of Harvard, MA)

Carl Sycamore (Mississauga, ON)

Giao Williams (of Westfield, NJ)


The Cannon Theatre is a non-­profit community theater based in Littleton, MA, but currently performing online-only during the pandemic. We are committed to keeping ticket prices low during these challenging times, so that everyone can continue to experience the joy of theater. Finding a new, bigger home for when we can all gather again is our big 2021 goal.

Any and all donations will be most gratefully accepted.

Victoria Bourque Headshot}

Victoria Bourque

Lady Cynthia Fitzmelton, Trillian

Victoria is a recent graduate of UMass Amherst whose day job is writing user manuals for robots, but one of her first loves was performance–specifically, performance at The Cannon Theatre! Since her Cannon debut in A Little Princess when she was 9, she has performed in school or community theatre productions every year of her life. Her favorite recent roles have been Molly in Peter and the Starcatcher and Amalia Balish in She Loves Me, both with the UMass Amherst Theatre Guild. She is grateful for the opportunity to continue creating art during the pandemic, and is especially thrilled to be working with a theater that has meant so much to her over the years.

Matt Cederholm Headshot}

Matt Cederholm

Arthur Dent

Matt is a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is. He is married to a wonderful woman and does his best to fit his investments job with the federal government into his busy life. He was last seen online as Titus in Titus Andronicus and was last seen on stage as Ernie in Rehearsal for Murder. His favorite roles include Henry in Funny Money, Clem in Improbable Fiction, the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz, and Moonface in Anything Goes!. He would like to thank Jerry for casting him as Arthur Dent, as he’s been a fan of Hitchhiker’s Guide since before the invention of digital watches. He can’t wait to do the next four chapters! He likes corn.

Matt Foster Headshot}

Matt Foster

Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz, Magrathean warning voice, Bang Bang

Matt is passionate about the performing arts, and community theater in particular. Now retired after careers in the Air Force and Raytheon, Matt used to joke that he was just doing the engineering gig between acting roles to pay the bills. Matt has performed in several shows, and his roles include Beau in Mame, Tully Bascom in The Mouse That Roared, Winston Smith in 1984, Action in West Side Story, Baldrick in Blackadder, Scrooge in A Christmas Carol Radio Play, and Dad in Cheaper by the Dozen. Matt currently resides in Westford with his wife Nancy.

Russ Gannon Headshot}

Russ Gannon

The Narrator/Voice of the Book

Russ is excited to be making his debut with The Cannon Theatre. A former DJ for 92.5 “The River”, he made the transition from radio to acting several years ago as an extra in the film The Game Plan.  Since that time, he has worked on many local films, television shows and theater, recently appearing in The Concord Players’ production of Arcadia, Nashoba Players’ production of Stage Kiss and TCAN’s production of First Things First. His voice work can be heard on the PBS show Frontline, as well as local radio productions of The Day the Earth Stood Still (Klaatu) and The Maltese Falcon (Sam Spade). When not performing, Russ travels the country as a motivational speaker and event facilitator. 

Meredith Lisa Jones Headshot}

Meredith Lisa Jones

Eddie the Computer, Radio Host, Programmer Two

Meredith is an actor, director, and voice actor who has performed and directed at numerous community theaters across eastern and central Massachusetts.  As a voice actor, she has recently lent her vocal talents to audio dramas, radio plays, animated shorts and series, and video games and is currently directing and producing an original audio drama that she wrote for young adults, addressing the epidemic of depression in young people.  When not on stage or in the booth, you can find her playing Dungeons & Dragons (nerd alert!) and hanging out with her many animals, including dogs, cats, ducks and goats, at her home in Bolton, Massachusetts.  She is overjoyed to be On The Air with Cannon once more!

Steve Kalter Headshot}

Steve Kalter

Marvin the Paranoid Android, Shooty

Steve is primed and pumped to portray two mind-bending characters, Marvin and Shooty, in his inaugural production with The Cannon Theatre, and his 22nd theatrical production overall. Steve made his inauspicious debut in the thespian arena back in 2005, and has since gone on to play many memorable, eccentric roles over the past 15 years. Some of his most fun and outrageous roles include the effervescent Tim the Enchanter in Monty Python’s Spamalot, the roach-infested Professor Metz in The Man Who Came to Dinner, the extremely eloquent, lobotomized Ruckly in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and the guilty-until-proven-innocent Bobby Carlyle in the suspense thriller Postmortem. Steve sends his unending thanks and gratifying love to family and friends for their continued support of his earth-based endeavors, especially to those in streaming attendance today!

And now, I hope you all sit back, enjoy ONE Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, don’t panic, and enjoy the show! (If not, pardon me for breathing!)

Tony LaRocca Headshot}

Tony LaRocca

Deep Thought

Tony LaRocca is a carbon-based life form, author, animator, artist, occasional actor, U.S. Army veteran, blogger, karaoke crooner, electrician, and chronic doodler from Basking Ridge, New Jersey. His acting credits include such films as The Bible Belt Slasher Pt. II, Vicious Thunder, and Good Day. He currently resides with his family in Queens, New York, though he also can sporadically be found at

Michael McAfee Headshot}

Michael McAfee

The Barman, Slartibartfast

Michael has been making audio theater as an actor/writer/director/producer/editor since the late 1990s, primarily with the Post Meridian Radio Players. He has also performed as part of i Sebastiani, the greatest commedia dell’arte troupe in the entire world. Notable productions he has been involved with include Red Shift: Interplanetary Do-Gooder and the Parsec award winning The Mask of Inanna.  This is his first project with The Cannon Theatre.

Ben Morse Headshot}

Ben Morse

Ford Prefect, Vroomfondel

Ben is from Natick, MA. He has a beautiful wife, 3 sons, and 4 grandsons. This is Ben’s first experience working with The Cannon Theatre, and it has been a great adventure. Recently, Ben was the voice of Ebenezer Scrooge in A Gilbert & Sullivan Christmas Carol with Greater Worcester Opera. He has appeared in many GWO productions and concerts over the last 11 years. Ben appeared as Mordecai in the New Life Fine Arts original musical Esther: For Such a Time as This in the Fall of 2020, and has appeared in many other New Life productions throughout their 23 year affiliation. He has performed with the Imago Theatre group, the Concord Players, the Sudbury Savoyards, Longwood Opera, TCAN (in Natick), and is on the New England Gilbert and Sullivan Society (NEGASS) Board.

Sally Reid Headshot}

Sally Reid

Vogon Guard, The Whale, Majikthise, Benjy Mouse

Sally caught the theater and music bug as a young child and went on to study Music, Theater and Dance at Dean College, performing theater professionally for nearly a decade in roles such as Sister in Damn Yankees, working with TV’s “Loveboat” Ted Lange before going on hiatus to focus on raising her family of four children. Sally began performing live theater again 2018 taking on the Role of Captain Bill Slank, in The Beatrice Herford Vokes Theatres performance of Peter and the Starcatcher, which lead her to The Cannon Theatre. She was embraced with open arms by The Cannon Theatre family while performing as Agatha Trunchbull in their early 2020 production of Matilda. She has since directed, stage managed, and joined the Board of Directors. In her professional life, Sally works for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Army National Guard as the Distance Learning Training and Resource Coordinator.

Nancy Rodriguez Headshot}

Nancy Rodriguez

The Cheerleader, Frankie Mouse

Nancy is a singer and actor who has performed throughout New England, in New York, L.A. and on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. In recent years locally she has acted at The Cannon Theatre, The Acme Theater in Maynard and at TCAN in Natick. She is delighted to be joining this cast for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and looks forward to the time when theaters everywhere will reopen.

Jeff Schachter Headshot}

Jeff Schachter

Prosser, Zaphod Beeblebrox, Programmer One

Jeff’s debut stage performance in the Cannon Theater’s Blackadder left him hopelessly typecast as a Canadian expatriate who pretends to be British. Imagine his delight when The Cannon Theatre announced this production of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! Besides acting, the other distractions from Jeff’s day job as a software engineer include hiking in the Littleton backcountry, feeding his domesticated Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal (i.e. poodle), and tending to his shrubberies. Jeff would like to thank his supremely talented fellow cast members, whose boots Jeff is not worthy to lick clean, and of course his lovely and tirelessly supportive wife Kristin, who only watches British comedy because she loves him.



Jerry McMahon

Originally from the UK, Jerry began performing in local theater two years ago, when his wife Jen dared him to audition for a stage adaptation of the BBC comedy Blackadder (a childhood favorite), at The Cannon Theater. He then appeared with his son Jude in Cheaper by the Dozen, also at the Cannon, followed by Neil Simon’s California Suite at Theater III in Acton. After playing Harry Wormwood in Matilda the Musical last year (alongside his daughter Audrey), Jerry joined the Cannon Theatre board of Directors, and in December participated in An Evening of Cheer (with Jude and Audrey again). Jerry lives in Littleton with his wife and three children.



Heather Pruiksma

Heather has been an active member of the Cannon Theatre board since early 2018, but has enjoyed acting on The Cannon Theatre stage since 2013, having starred as Christine Colgate in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Janet van de Graaf in The Drowsy Chaperone, Hedy LaRue in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and Annie Oakley in Annie Get Your Gun. Heather entered the world of Producing with Singing in the Rain and How the Other Half Loves in 2019, and in 2020/21 has learned an awful lot more than she expected to about producing online theater.


Daniel Tang Headshot}

Daniel Tang

Daniel has been involved in the local Musical Theatre scene for several years as a Pit Orchestra Musician, playing Drums or Percussion in fantastic shows such as The Sound of Music, Oliver, Beauty and the Beast, Rent, Songs for a New World, Godspell, Company, Addams Family, and many others. While most comfortable behind a drum kit, Daniel is thrilled to use his technical background in this production of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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